Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kiptyn 2 Months

Kiptyn is already 2 months old! I can’t believe how much faster time flies with two kiddos keeping us busy.

At 5 weeks old, Kiptyn went up to 5 ounce bottles, and we took away the 10:30 pm feeding to start a new schedule.

Kiptyn’s 5 Week Schedule

7:30- Eat 5 ounces
9-10:30 Nap
10:30- Eat 5 ounces
12:00-1:30 Nap
1:30- Eat 5 ounces
2:00-4:30 Nap
4:30- Eat 5 ounces
6:00-7:00 Cat Nap
7:30- Eat 5 ounces
8:00- Bedtime (From 5-7 weeks, he would wake up one time between 3 and 4 to eat a 3 ounce bottle. At 7 weeks, he started consistently sleeping until 7:30 each morning. 12 Full hours!!!)

After a week of sleeping 12 hours, we decided to move him out of his cradle in our room and into his crib in his own room.

At 2 months Kiptyn:

-wears 0-3 month clothes (very close to moving up to 3-6 months)
-wears size 1 diapers (very close to moving up to size 2)
-giggles and coos
-is a snuggle bug.
-is a very content baby
-loves to look at ceiling fans and his mobile
-is just starting to hold rattles and to show interest in toys and noises
-almost always is asleep when he rides in the carseat
-loves to eat and is very quick to remind us when it is feeding time
-goes from being very content to screaming as if someone is hurting him. There is no in between or warning with him.
-has started paying attention to his brother
-still really likes to be swaddled and have the soundspa on while sleeping
-has blue eyes!

His 2 month appointment stats:
Weight- 14lb. 1 oz (95%)
Height- 24 inches (95%)
Head Circumference- 60%

We love this little boy to pieces! I wondered what it would be like to be a mom to two little boys. Now I know and I love every bit of it! Wouldn't change it for anything! I'm so excited to see how my boys will grow up as brothers and as friends. Let the adventure begin! :)

Kiptyn’s 3 Week Schedule

7:30- Eat 4 ounces
9-10:30 Nap
10:30- Eat 4 ounces
12:00-1:30 Nap
1:30- Eat 4 ounces
2:00-4:30 Nap
4:30- Eat 4 ounces
6:00-7:30 Nap
7:30- Eat 4 ounces
9:00-10:30 Nap
10:30- Eat 4 ounces

He’s up again to eat between 5 and 6 AM. I only give him 2 ounces and put him right back to bed. His fussy time is in the evening after his nap from 6:00-7:30. Sometimes he wakes up early from this nap and we have to hold him off with a paci till his next feeding. We will eventually take away the 10:30 feeding once he’s making it all night without getting up to eat between 5:00 and 6:00.

He loves to be swaddled and as long as he is wrapped tight and the sound spa is on, he puts himself right to sleep.