Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

20 Week Ultrasound

We got to see our newest little one on ultrasound last Thursday. Baby was measuring right at 20 weeks. The heartbeat was 152 and all looked great. Here's a 3D profile view of their sweet little face:

Our nurse did call to tell us that baby has a cyst on it's brain. The medical term is Choroid Plexus cyst. Basically, it's nothing we should be alarmed about. Because the brain is growing at such a rapid pace, the excess fluid pools as a cyst on the brain. They are nearly all gone by the third trimester. There's no reason to be concerned if no other abnormalities are spotted during the ultrasound. We'll go back for a later ultrasound to make sure the cyst is gone.

We wanted to be surprised about our baby's gender. We'll find that out in about 19 weeks when we meet them face to face! Until then, we get to look at this sweet little profile and wonder if it's a he or a she doing all those acrobatics!

Orin's Latest Discoveries

Orin turns 2 in one week. The second year seemed to fly by much faster than the first. Here are the latest updates on what Orin enjoys doing and how he likes to spend his time.

-lining up his cars/alphabet magnets/animals/trains/little people/etc.
-reading books to himself while sitting on his little couch
-bringing mommy and daddy lots of books to read
-sleeping in a big boy bed and not getting out
-saying bless you after he or anyone sneezes
-coloring with markers or crayons
-playing play-doh
-finally facing forward in his car seat
-saying “mommy come” when he wants me to come play with him
-after taking amoxicillin for his ears, saying “one more medicine”
-telling us when he has to go poopy and actually going on the potty
-after going poop, asking for treats and requesting certain colored treats
-knows his colors and will tell us the colors of anything he’s playing with without being asked
-loves farm animals and the noises they make
-favorite song has ranged from “I Love You” from Barney to “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.”
-Can count with us to 5- Once we start with number one, he’ll say 2, 3, 2, 5.
-Enjoys doing puzzles, especially those that make noise
-Sits at the kitchen table in a booster seat instead of in his high chair
-Loves to give group hugs to both mommy and daddy at the same time, and then finds it humorous to make mommy and daddy kiss by pushing our faces together
-very energetic and often lets that energy explode over into running, hitting, and wrestling
-hates to wear socks
-has no problem with us leaving him anywhere at anytime
-when daddy comes home it just makes his day! He instantly wants to wrestle and get tickled
-wears 2T and some 3T clothes
-Mommy brushes his teeth and then it’s Orin’s turn to brush his own teeth. We sing the ABCs for each turn.
-After mommy and daddy pray before bed, then Orin prays for what he is thankful for. This usually includes listing his cousins, papa, grandma, cookies, crackers, and shoes. Occasionally he mentions mommy, daddy, and baby.
-picks up mommy’s phone to call papa several times a day
-Takes a nap from 1-4, but usually wakes up sometime between 3 and 4. He lays in bed talking until I get him up out at 4.
-Sleeps with monkey and Wally
-Says “I love you more” in response to our saying “I love you Orin.”

Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Number 2 Update

I've been terrible at blogging about this new little babe. This week marks the half way point. I can't believe that we only have 20 weeks left till we meet our baby. Here is an update on what has happened so far in this pregnancy:

Thursday, October 21- We received a positive pregnancy test! We took a few more throughout the next several days and weeks. We called and told Ryan’s parents the night we found out. We waited to tell my mom in person since she was going to spend the weekend with us. And later that weekend, we skyped with my Dad to tell him the news. I was 4 weeks.

Monday, October 25- I had terrible back pain, cramping, and bleeding. I was sent in to check my blood levels. Levels were in the normal range, but a little low. They wanted me to come back in a few days to check again.

Tuesday, October 26- We skyped with my brother and sister to announce the news. Ryan called his brother in California. And Orin wore his big brother shirt to tell Ryan’s other brother’s family in person that night. I was almost 5 weeks.

Wednesday, October 27- Back to the lab to have my HCG levels checked. Levels had been doubling like normal and everything looked great! My levels were around 600.

Monday, November 1- We shared the news with our friends. I had ordered pink and blue frosted cupcakes that had “boy?” and “girl?” toppers on them. Everyone guessed who had brought them. We had a fun time announcing in this way!

Wednesday, November 3- I visited the lab again because of recurring back pain and cramping. Things looked great and there was no need to be concerned. My levels were around 8000.

Thursday, November 18- At 8 weeks, Ryan and I went to my first appointment. Baby’s heartbeat was 176. We got to see baby on an ultrasound. Due date was determined to be June 30. Everything went really well!

Friday, November 19- Right around 8 weeks, my nausea set in. It was the worst when I brushed my teeth in the morning. I was hit hard with nausea throughout the next 3 weeks. Every morning I was sick, and nothing really ever sounded good to eat. Many suppers were spent eating away from the kitchen.

Thursday, November 26- I had an ultrasound at my mom’s work. I was 9 weeks along. Baby’s heartbeat was 171.

Thursday, December 30- I had an ultrasound at my mom’s work again. I was a little paranoid and wanted to make sure all was well with baby. And of course everything looked excellent! Heartbeat was 157. I was right at 14 weeks.

Tuesday, January 4- My second prenatal visit at 14 ½ weeks. Heartbeat was 160 and I had lost weight since my last appointment. Doctor wasn’t so concerned since my appetite wasn’t the best with my nausea.

Saturday, January 8- Right around 15 weeks, I started feeling little flutters. I didn’t feel them every day, but they happened most often when I was lying on my left side. I didn’t realize how much I had missed those little kicks! Sure makes it real and worth all the nausea!

Saturday, January 22- Nausea in the morning is still present. Will it ever end?? I’m just over 17 weeks. Ryan still hasn’t decided whether he wants us to find out the gender. He’s leaning towards not finding out.

Tuesday, February 1- I had my third prenatal visit at 18 ½ weeks. Baby’s heartbeat was 150 and I had gained 2 pounds so far in this pregnancy.

Wednesday, February 2- I’ve reached 19 weeks. My morning nausea finally subsided around 18 weeks. Ryan has decided that we will be surprised with the gender of this baby. Our big ultrasound is scheduled for February 10- right at 20 weeks. Now that baby is bigger, I’m feeling lots of movement. Most of the little kicks happen in the afternoon and evening. Love them!