Monday, February 14, 2011

20 Week Ultrasound

We got to see our newest little one on ultrasound last Thursday. Baby was measuring right at 20 weeks. The heartbeat was 152 and all looked great. Here's a 3D profile view of their sweet little face:

Our nurse did call to tell us that baby has a cyst on it's brain. The medical term is Choroid Plexus cyst. Basically, it's nothing we should be alarmed about. Because the brain is growing at such a rapid pace, the excess fluid pools as a cyst on the brain. They are nearly all gone by the third trimester. There's no reason to be concerned if no other abnormalities are spotted during the ultrasound. We'll go back for a later ultrasound to make sure the cyst is gone.

We wanted to be surprised about our baby's gender. We'll find that out in about 19 weeks when we meet them face to face! Until then, we get to look at this sweet little profile and wonder if it's a he or a she doing all those acrobatics!

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