Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in Review


I was very pregnant with Orin. We were counting down the days until we would get to meet our little one.


On February 21, we had Orin Dale. He was the most precious little boy. Life has never been the same since. We have been completely in awe of our baby boy. We love him so much and feel so blessed to be his parents.


We had family pictures taken with Orin only three weeks old.

Orin turned one month old.


Orin and I went to Molly’s Junior Prom.

We celebrated Easter with both families.

Ryan and I announced our decision to move back to OC and that I planned to resign as a teacher and instead stay home with Orin.
Orin celebrated his baptism.


Orin slept through the night at 9 weeks just in time for me to go back to work.
I went back to teaching after 9 weeks of maternity leave. Daddy stayed home with Orin for that month.
I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. I never imagined how wonderful it would be.

We took Orin to his first Tulip Festival.

I celebrated my first birthday as a mom. It was so special to have my little man there with me!


The big moving day happened.
Ryan turned 25 on the 14th.

Ryan’s first Father’s Day with Orin.

Cousin Tucker was born just over 4 months after Orin.

Orin spent a lot of time with his friend, Hazel.


Orin’s first vacation to the cabin for the 4th of July.

Orin spent time digging a basement with Grandpa.


Orin’s first vacation to Minnesota with all of my family.

Orin turned 6 months old!


First trip to the park happened in September.

We went to watch Molly on the Homecoming Court.


I had my first photo shoot.

Orin was a skunk for his first Halloween.

I started subbing one or two days a week.
We took family pictures for our Christmas cards.


We paid off the car.
Orin’s feeding battles got tremendously worse!
Orin turned 9 months old.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family.


Orin learned to crawl and get himself to a standing position.

We gave Orin his first haircut.

We spent a lot of time visiting family for Christmas.

Christmas with the Great-Grandparents

We had Christmas with my grandparents on New Year’s Day. The big highlight was that Santa and one of his elves came to make a visit!! My uncle, Bruce, and his daughter, Jenna, dressed up to surprise Orin.

Orin was spoiled again with lots of gifts from Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma. He was such a ham and loved every minute of all the attention he received. He wasn’t too fond of Santa, though, which kind of surprised us. He usually takes to anyone and isn’t really fearful of strangers. Once he was back in Daddy’s arms, he was fine! Here are a few pictures of his visit with Santa and his elf.

Christmas with the Grandparents

We were able to celebrate with both sets of grandparents over the Christmas holiday. We left town right when I was done subbing and made it just in time before the big snowstorm. We spent a few days with each side. Having both families within an hour of each other is a blessing, but it also makes it hard because we feel obligated to see everyone during the holidays. We seem to wear ourselves out with all the traveling, but it is always great to see everyone. Here are pictures from both celebrations.

Katie's Family Christmas:

Orin and his presents from Santa

Opening his big gift from Santa

A big dump truck that he can ride and push

Orin by the Christmas tree

Ryan and I with my siblings and Orin

Orin by a few of his gifts...he's pretty spoiled by his grandparents!!

My mom and dad had this canvas painting done for Orin. It was the big highlight!

Orin with his Grandpa and Grandma K.

Auntie Molls and Uncle Benny think Orin's pretty special!

Ryan's Family Christmas:

Lilly and I on Christmas morning

Orin following the string to his gift

He found it!!

Daddy helping Orin open his wagon.

Grandma D. and Orin

Grandpa D. and Orin

Decorating sugar cookies

Making a cement stepping stone with his little feet

As you can see, we had a blast spending time with all of our family. Orin was kissed and loved on a lot! He got much better at pulling himself up to a standing position and he is now a very speedy crawler! He also started clapping and sticking out his tongue.

Tomorrow, we have Christmas with my Grandparents. Orin will be meeting Santa!! Can't wait to see how he reacts.