Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MIA- Mama In Action

Where have I been?

Well let’s see…

During the days, I am at school. And in the evenings, I am busy making supper, grading papers, writing lesson plans, washing bottles, loading and unloading the dishwasher, catching up on laundry, chasing Orin, and spending quality time with my husband.

Needless to say, I've been busy and there hasn’t been a whole lot of "extra" time to blog. Gone are the days where mama can sit at the computer and write a blog post while Orin plays independently with his toys for a little while. Now mama is spending every second of Orin’s wake time chasing him and redirecting him away from outlets, Christmas trees, and cords. Our joke is that his first real word is going to be “No!” I feel like we are constantly saying, “No, No Orin!”

Here are some things that have happened in the last few weeks:

First, we've been dealing with sickness in our household. Ryan and Orin have terrible coughs, sore throats, and are really congested. Orin was given a nebulizer which we've used once (not a fan), and Ryan is toughing it out. Which I guess Orin is too now that we have given up on the nebulizer. Everyday gets better and better.

I’m on my second week of my long-term subbing in 6th grade. It’s actually going really well and I really enjoy the kids I’m teaching. I was still really excited for the half day of school Tuesday and the snow day on Wednesday. Substitute or not, we all enjoy snow days! Ryan was able to be home with us on Wednesday which made for a much more fun day. We stayed inside watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. Anyways, I finish subbing on the 22nd…just in time for Christmas break!

Orin has learned some new tricks that I want to document. Seems like we have been waiting forever to see him do these, but now that he does them, I am extremely busy chasing him around. And so is his Auntie Kim who babysits him.

-He can now CRAWL!! He is constantly crawling towards our small candy cane decorated tree. I think he likes the lights and balls. It’s so cute to see him moving and learning how to use all his limbs together.

-He’s also been pulling himself up! He hasn’t quite figured out how to get onto his feet, but he will crawl to the coffee table and get up on his knees. Nothing is safe now up on the table!

Orin received the cutest knit hat in the mail last week. His Great-Grandma was busy knitting him a warm wool hat to wear for the winter. We love it! And it even ties so it is impossible for those little hands to tug it off!

Our own family Christmas will be celebrated on Saturday morning. Orin is very excited for Santa to come and visit. Okay, maybe not. But Ryan and I are looking forward to Orin’s first Christmas even if he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. I’ll obviously be taking lots of pictures to post later.

Now all I have to do is get through two more days of working this week and two days next week and then I will officially be on Christmas break!! Can’t wait!


AKat said...

welcome back!!! orin is as cute as ever! i LOVE the crawling pictures - go, orin! i agree that most of my time is spent dashing around the house making sure neil doesn't pull something on top of him!!! or knock over stuff! haha. i am so glad the subbing went well! enjoy your break. i am hoping to mail off orin's hat in the next day or two before we leave town. it has a little removable patch, so you may want to use that adorable knitted one instead of my flawed crocheted one!!! haha. where mine is lacking skill, there is love. ha!

DWin said...

That is a wonderful hat! Markie pulls his hat off every time. I'm so happy to see Orin pics again. He is so cute! Congrats to Orin on the crawling!

Corinne Doughan said...

YAY!! It's so exciting to see him grow and develop! I LOVE the knit hat by the way!