Thursday, December 31, 2009

Family Christmas

We celebrated our small family Christmas on December 19th. With all the traveling we planned to do closer to the 25th, Santa had to come a week early. Orin was very spoiled with lots of new toys, books, and clothes. Here are quite a few pictures from our Christmas morning.

Santa's gifts to Orin- couch, books, blocks, fridge phonics, bath toy holder, movies and stocking toys

Orin crawled right over to all the new toys.

Daddy and Orin reading about the birth of Jesus.

Orin loved his new couch.

Orin's first Christmas ornament from Dad and Mom.

Fridge Phonics

Mommy helping Orin unwrap his tool bench.

What is it??

Looking at his new books.

Look at all the toys, movies, books, and clothes. Orin must have been really good this year!

Orin gave Daddy some pictures for his office.

Ryan got an Ipod for Christmas.

Orin gave Mommy a hot rocks massage.

And I got a new camera lens from Ryan! I was very excited!!

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