Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Here in our household, we LOVE to decorate for the holidays!! So we broke the rule of waiting until after Thanksgiving, and instead put our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving. We knew we would be gone for a while over the holidays and with my long-term subbing coming up, it would just be too crazy to do after Thanksgiving. And it is way too much work to only enjoy it for 3 weeks. So here is a little look inside of our home. Enjoy!!

We changed it up this year and did a "pretty" tree. We will have lots of years to put little kid ornaments on the tree.

Our stockings are hung!

My mom and I worked together in making Orin his Christmas stocking.

Scouty, the Elf, has made his appearance for the first time this year. We started this tradition last year (Ryan named him), but it is all the more meaningful now that we have Orin. Each night, Scouty flys to the North Pole to give Santa a report on Orin's behavior. In the morning, as soon as Orin is awake, we search for Scouty's return from the North Pole in a new hiding place around the house. This has been a lot of fun for all of us. I can only imagine it becoming more exciting as Orin gets a little older.


andrea said...

we have an elf too! His name is Clausie, and when the kids found him this morning they FREAKED out! They were so happy about his return! Just wait...every year it gets more fun!!!

AKat said...

We are totally going to have to get that elf! Your home and decorations look beautiful, Katie! I love Christmas, too. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful...and that your long term subbing goes great!