Sunday, February 28, 2010

1 Year Appointment

Orin went for his one year doctor’s appointment this past Thursday, February 25. His doctor and nurse couldn’t get over how big of a boy he was. Here are his stats:

Weight: 22 lbs. 6 oz (50%)
Height: 32 inches (90%)

His fourth tooth made its first appearance on Thursday, also. He hasn’t been too bothered by it. He does like to gnaw on things, especially his fingers. Doctor said his ears were all cleared up from his double ear infection a few weeks back. And she recommended we give up the bedtime bottle ASAP so that it doesn’t become a battle later on. So that night I packed up all the bottles. So sad! Here is his current schedule:

7:30- Breakfast and 5 oz whole milk
9:30-10:30- Nap
11:30- Lunch and 5 oz whole milk
1:30-4:00- Nap
4:00- Snack and whole milk
6:00- Supper and whole milk (between snack and supper, I like to have him drink 5 oz)
7:00- 5 oz whole milk while doing the bedtime routine
7:30/8:00- Bedtime

He tends to drink better with the nuby soft nipple sippy cups. He also does a little better with the hard nippled sippy cups if there isn’t a stopper in the lid. I still have to force feed him drinks between every bite of food. As of now, I'm leaning towards just using the nuby cups for awhile until he gets better at taking a sippy. I know that is a step backwards from the two months of using a hard nippled cup, but if that is a way he can get all his milk, that is what needs to happen

We are battling out the naps right now. It really started about two weeks ago with him taking great morning naps (I would have to wake him up each day at 11:30), but then he wouldn’t fall asleep until between 3:00 and 4:00 for his afternoon nap, when he usually fell asleep at 1:30. So I started cutting his morning nap short to only an hour. We are still in the transition stage, so I’m not sure how well this will go. Eventually he won’t take a morning nap, and he will hopefully nap from 1-4 in the afternoons. We’ll see!!

Here he is learning to ride the four-wheeler that Grandma and Grandpa gave him for his birthday. He LOVES it! He gives us a big toothy grin as soon as he sits on it. It goes 2 MPH and has one button to push to go forward. He knows how to drive it himself and how to get off all on his own. Now we just have to teach him how to steer!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Orin's Birthday

Orin celebrated his actual birthday on Sunday, February 21. Ryan and I wanted to spend the day with our little man celebrating his life. And we wanted it to be extra special even though we knew he had no idea it was his birthday.

So he got to have pizza, apricots, green beans, and a special birthday cupcake to celebrate. He even got to eat in the living room while watching the Olympics!

And then he went to bed wearing his new monkey pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Orin's 1st Birthday Party- Construction

Here are several (too many) pictures from Orin's party this past weekend. The weather kept several family members from coming, but we still had a good time celebrating the birthday boy. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Birthday Banner I made for the little man.

A year of growth. Pictures from each month.

Decorations above the food table

We had construction signs hanging around the house.

The painting of Orin that he got for Christmas.


Food table- "Build" your own sub sandwich, orange chips, black/yellow/orange pop

Pasta salad made with wheel noodles

Cupcakes for the guests served with cookies and cream ice cream

The guest of honor

Orin and his girlfriend, Hazel. He was all over her, tackling and kissing.

Orin's smash cake

Auntie Kim and daddy made sure to help him dive in and get dirty!

He loved it! He kept licking his fingers and grabbing more.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Orin's 1st Birthday Letters

Orin, you’re one year old today, which is just so hard to believe. It was only yesterday that your mom and I were going to the hospital to meet you. Now you can crawl and play, squawk and laugh. In fact just today Daddy taught you how to ride your new electric four-wheeler. You were so thrilled as you were jerked forward and the four-wheeler took off. I never knew two miles per hour could seem so fast. When you were done riding and all tuckered out you crawled to me and pulled yourself up on my legs. I picked you up and held you, your arm and then your head resting on my shoulder. There are few things as rewarding for a father as to hold his son, to be his protector and his comforter. I love you my little man. Daddy will be your protector and your comforter for as long as and in as many ways as I can. But, I want you to remember that when I fail, your Heavenly Daddy will not. He can be your supreme protection and your supreme comfort. Happy Birthday, Buddy.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! Mama can hardly believe that it has already been one year since we first got to hold you in our arms. We had no idea how much you would rock our world and how utterly amazing parenthood would be. You are a loving, smiley, giggly, funny, stubborn, ornery, and curious little boy. You are extremely strong willed…we have no idea where you get that from! We love everything about you and your personality and we wouldn’t have you any other way! I have LOVED being home with you every second of everyday to watch you grow and develop into the little boy you are today. You bring me lots of smiles and joy as I listen to your constant babbling, watch your curious mind at work, and when you crawl into my lap for kisses and hugs. Your smile and laughter just melts my heart and I can’t imagine anything more precious than you. You are a sweet, sweet little boy, and we are so thrilled that God has blessed us with your little life for the last year. Happy Birthday, Orin Dale! Mama loves you!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I went into your dark and quiet room tonight and scooped you right up out of your crib.

I rocked you back and forth while smelling your shampooed hair and kissing your sweet neck.

You won't always be small enough to be cuddled and to be rocked. I want to cherish and remember this time with precious little you.

You are almost one my sweet child. Seems like just yesterday we were wondering when you would make your grand entrance into this world. But yet we can't even remember what our lives were like before you.

Although you won't be considered a "baby" for much longer, you will always be Mama's baby!

I love you so much, my-almost-one-year-old!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1st Newborn Photoshoot

Makenzie came for a photo session a few weeks ago. She was 8 weeks old and wide awake the whole time. Love her little smile! Here is a little glimpse into the session.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Special Birthday Girl

Happy 4th Birthday, Lilly Bell!!! You are a very special little niece and we love you so much!! We cannot believe how much you have grown in just four short years.

We loved you from the start...

And we continue to love you more and more each day!

Happy Birthday sweet Lilly!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roses, Snow Cream, and Diapers

My Valentine hand delivered these the other day. He broke the rules. We agreed that the concert and dinner were our gifts to each other for Valentine's Day. He said he got these for me to enjoy before we leave for the weekend. I love them!

After our chili and bread tonight, we had brownies and snow cream for dessert. I've never had snow cream before. I had read about it on a few other blogs and thought we should give it a try. You know, since we have feet of snow on the ground and tons more yet to come! It tastes a lot like homemade ice cream and it only takes 5 minutes to make. Ryan collected the snow and we mixed it up together. It was fun! And tasted great with our brownies!

Snow Cream
1/2 gallon snow
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 TBS vanilla
1 cup milk

The original recipe called for a gallon of snow, so we halved the recipe. We ended up having to add more milk than it called for. Next time, we won't be adding quite as much milk so it doesn't get watery. It was really should try it!!

And finally, I took the diaper plunge. I went to and bought a HUGE box of size 4 diapers and a HUGE box of size 5 diapers. Bigger boxes than I've ever seen in the stores. And they ship fast! I placed my order on Wednesday and received them today in the mail. And my shipping was free because I spent over $49.

Here's the deal:
Go to and place a $49 order. You'll get free shipping. If you enter this referral code KDXU8026 you get $10 off your first order. I will also get a referral credit too when you use my code.

Then, you can go to and get a $14.97 rebate. You can get a full rebate instead of the magazine subscription.

You can even mail in your coupons and they will credit your account. Great way to save some money when buying diapers!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1st Official Haircut

Orin had his first official haircut tonight at the salon. He did great for being almost one year old. Ryan came with and had Orin sit on his lap during the haircut. At first he wanted to grab the scissors and comb. And then he was occupied with his pacifier, a few toys and the spray bottle. He also enjoyed looking around at the other ladies everytime he heard them talking. The hairstylist did a great job of cutting whichever side of hair was facing her regardless of how much Orin squirmed and wiggled around. At one point, he was standing up and trying to jump on Ryan's lap. Of course, he couldn't make it too easy for her! He needed a trim, but I also wanted his hair to be able to be gelled and spiked. At the end, she put gel in his hair and it made him look a lot like his daddy. My baby boy looks so grown up now. So sad!




Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Friend, Hazel

Hazel came to play for the day on Monday. The two babes had a great time! It was so fun to see them interact and play together. I love that they are such good playmates and so close in age. I had to capture some pictures of Orin and his little girlfriend. :)

Checking out the TV buttons. Too cute!

Trying to give Hazel a nice hug from behind

Getting a little rough and aggressive

Mom told me to be nice. Maybe I should give Hazel a backrub?

Our moms better watch us in the future!

What's that in your hair?

I've never seen anything like it.

Uh Oh! Don't mess with a girl's hair unless you want to see her come unglued!