Friday, February 19, 2010


I went into your dark and quiet room tonight and scooped you right up out of your crib.

I rocked you back and forth while smelling your shampooed hair and kissing your sweet neck.

You won't always be small enough to be cuddled and to be rocked. I want to cherish and remember this time with precious little you.

You are almost one my sweet child. Seems like just yesterday we were wondering when you would make your grand entrance into this world. But yet we can't even remember what our lives were like before you.

Although you won't be considered a "baby" for much longer, you will always be Mama's baby!

I love you so much, my-almost-one-year-old!


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

So sweet, he looks so grown up! This morning, Izzo asked what are we doing tomorrow. And I told her we were going to celebrate Orin.

Her response was, "He is a cutie!"

He is. And this is such a lovely post, and great pictures!

JT said...

What a beautiful face. And great pictures. Happy Birthday!