Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roses, Snow Cream, and Diapers

My Valentine hand delivered these the other day. He broke the rules. We agreed that the concert and dinner were our gifts to each other for Valentine's Day. He said he got these for me to enjoy before we leave for the weekend. I love them!

After our chili and bread tonight, we had brownies and snow cream for dessert. I've never had snow cream before. I had read about it on a few other blogs and thought we should give it a try. You know, since we have feet of snow on the ground and tons more yet to come! It tastes a lot like homemade ice cream and it only takes 5 minutes to make. Ryan collected the snow and we mixed it up together. It was fun! And tasted great with our brownies!

Snow Cream
1/2 gallon snow
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 TBS vanilla
1 cup milk

The original recipe called for a gallon of snow, so we halved the recipe. We ended up having to add more milk than it called for. Next time, we won't be adding quite as much milk so it doesn't get watery. It was really should try it!!

And finally, I took the diaper plunge. I went to and bought a HUGE box of size 4 diapers and a HUGE box of size 5 diapers. Bigger boxes than I've ever seen in the stores. And they ship fast! I placed my order on Wednesday and received them today in the mail. And my shipping was free because I spent over $49.

Here's the deal:
Go to and place a $49 order. You'll get free shipping. If you enter this referral code KDXU8026 you get $10 off your first order. I will also get a referral credit too when you use my code.

Then, you can go to and get a $14.97 rebate. You can get a full rebate instead of the magazine subscription.

You can even mail in your coupons and they will credit your account. Great way to save some money when buying diapers!


Kim said...

I'm interested to know what the per diaper cost is after it's all said and done? Can you figure that out for me? I haven't found any that compare to Member's Mark but I think they changed their design and now I am not so in love with them anymore, big big bummer!

Elder Family said...

snow cream. we have snow in TX and one of the moms at school made some for the class. Her son reminded her not to put too much vanilla in it! No one wants to eat brown snow!! ;-) Good deal for diapers, thanks for sharing.

Tony and Danielle said...

I had been thinking of using for awhile now, your code gave me the perfect opportunity to do so, Thanks!