Sunday, February 21, 2010

Orin's 1st Birthday Letters

Orin, you’re one year old today, which is just so hard to believe. It was only yesterday that your mom and I were going to the hospital to meet you. Now you can crawl and play, squawk and laugh. In fact just today Daddy taught you how to ride your new electric four-wheeler. You were so thrilled as you were jerked forward and the four-wheeler took off. I never knew two miles per hour could seem so fast. When you were done riding and all tuckered out you crawled to me and pulled yourself up on my legs. I picked you up and held you, your arm and then your head resting on my shoulder. There are few things as rewarding for a father as to hold his son, to be his protector and his comforter. I love you my little man. Daddy will be your protector and your comforter for as long as and in as many ways as I can. But, I want you to remember that when I fail, your Heavenly Daddy will not. He can be your supreme protection and your supreme comfort. Happy Birthday, Buddy.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! Mama can hardly believe that it has already been one year since we first got to hold you in our arms. We had no idea how much you would rock our world and how utterly amazing parenthood would be. You are a loving, smiley, giggly, funny, stubborn, ornery, and curious little boy. You are extremely strong willed…we have no idea where you get that from! We love everything about you and your personality and we wouldn’t have you any other way! I have LOVED being home with you every second of everyday to watch you grow and develop into the little boy you are today. You bring me lots of smiles and joy as I listen to your constant babbling, watch your curious mind at work, and when you crawl into my lap for kisses and hugs. Your smile and laughter just melts my heart and I can’t imagine anything more precious than you. You are a sweet, sweet little boy, and we are so thrilled that God has blessed us with your little life for the last year. Happy Birthday, Orin Dale! Mama loves you!

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