Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1st Official Haircut

Orin had his first official haircut tonight at the salon. He did great for being almost one year old. Ryan came with and had Orin sit on his lap during the haircut. At first he wanted to grab the scissors and comb. And then he was occupied with his pacifier, a few toys and the spray bottle. He also enjoyed looking around at the other ladies everytime he heard them talking. The hairstylist did a great job of cutting whichever side of hair was facing her regardless of how much Orin squirmed and wiggled around. At one point, he was standing up and trying to jump on Ryan's lap. Of course, he couldn't make it too easy for her! He needed a trim, but I also wanted his hair to be able to be gelled and spiked. At the end, she put gel in his hair and it made him look a lot like his daddy. My baby boy looks so grown up now. So sad!




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DWin said...

Wow! Such a handsome little boy!