Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family Pictures

We went back home this past weekend to visit my family and to take family pictures.

Friday, we got to see my brother and sister before they left on spring break to Florida. We also were able to celebrate my Mom's 50th birthday. She was able to see her grandson all weekend, so I think she enjoyed this birthday! She even took both nights with Orin, so Ryan and I got some extra sleep.

On Saturday, we had family pictures. A lady near Des Moines does photography as a hobby, and it recently turned in to a part-time hobby/business. She takes several pictures, edits, and burns them onto a CD all for $50. I thought it went really well. She has put up 8 preview pictures. The rest will be coming soon. You can check out what she has so far at

We met up with Adam and Kim Saturday night and went to the 3A and 4A boys state championship games in Des Moines. We left Orin at home with my parents for the evening. That was the first time we left him for a long period of time. We missed him, but we had a great time at the games.

Sunday, we celebrated both of my parents' birthdays at my grandparent's house. It was fun for my relatives to see Orin, some for the first time. He was the source of gatherings have changed forever!

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