Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Love One!

I love this age. Having a one year old. He is so much fun and I am easily amused and entertained by him and his new discoveries.

This past week, I got out the bubbles. He loved them! He would swat at them, stand by me and watch me blow at the wand, and get down on the ground to smash the bubbles. And when I went to put them away, he grabbed the bubble container, whined, and handed it right back to me as if to say, "Mom, I wasn't ready to be done yet!" Daddy got his turn with bubbles this weekend. See??

My one-year-old, many months ago, discovered the stairs. But only by leaning/standing up along the first or second step. A few weeks ago, he magically disappeared while I was down doing laundry. After panicing and scouring the main floor, I heard a little noise from up above. Sure enough, he had crawled up the steps and made it all the way to our bed. Amazing how quickly he picked up on that when he had never even tried before.

And lastly, a hair cut was in order for this weekend. He was beyond shaggy. And after paying to have it done just a few weeks ago (his hair grows fast, I guess), I decided it was mama's turn to learn how to cut baby hair. I'm cheap and trying to save $16 a month. I figured since I already cut Ryan's, I can do the same kind of concept with the buzzer on Orin's hair. It turned out pretty short, but I think he looks cute, cute, cute. Daddy said he looks like a bulldozer with those big cheeks.

Those big ol' cheeks are kissing cheeks and we love them!! We are constantly amazed at how much Orin is learning and discovering. He talks nonstop, and he is a crazy and ornery little boy.

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Kali said...

I love the kissing cheeks - Caroline has her share of those, too! What she doesn't have, however, is hair...I'm guessing I'll be saving that $16+ for quite some time!

Also, I LOVE the one-year-old pictures you posted. You do beautiful work!