Monday, April 26, 2010

New Home

We’ve been busy around here. Too busy to even think about blogging. Busy moving across town. This was our 4th move in just under 3 years of marriage. We need to slow down a little bit! I’m getting pretty sick of packing and unpacking.

Saturday was a whirlwind of a day. A large crew, many helping hands, and several hours later, I think I can officially say that we are moved in and settled. The help was amazing! Everyone found their “place” and things went way smoother than expected. A few ladies in the kitchen unpacking and organizing, a large crew of men loading boxes/furniture and unloading into the appropriate rooms, a few ladies at the old house cleaning the rooms as they were cleared, Ryan’s parents working to clean up the garage and landscaping, my brother and dad working to install all the air conditioners, and a few ladies working in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

All that is left is a few boxes to break down. We are getting used to this house trying to get it to feel like “home”. Orin loves all the extra room. And we are enjoying our first “real” house with main floor laundry, three bedrooms, a photography studio, an office, and a newly remodeled kitchen and dining room.
To decorate our new home, I ordered a canvas gallery wrap print to hang in the living room. We love it! .

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this is very important said...

i *love* how that canvas print turned out! makes me feel so special to be hanging as art in your living room :]. excited to see your new home soon!