Saturday, August 28, 2010

18 Months

My boy can eat and eat and eat!! Seems like I am constantly finding him in the kitchen with a box of crackers or Kix. He just can’t seem to ever get full! He had his 18 month appointment this week. He is 33.5 inches long (75%) and 26 lbs 12 oz (50%).

He HATES the doctor’s office. He cries when he gets weighed. He freaks when his head circumference and length is measured. And he practically crawls under my clothes when the doctor tries to listen to his lungs and all the other stuff that she does. Neither a pacifier nor a snack helps the situation. It’s terrible taking him to the doctor! I just hope he grows out of this stage!!

He can now say several words…mama, dada, grandma, grandpa, papa, cracker, tucker, truck, yuck, love you, snack, shoe, flip flop, milk/cup, ball, no no, uh-oh

Orin is still going poop on the potty. Not every time, but he has started to “tell” us when he has to go. He will walk into the bathroom and start pooping. If we catch him, then he ends up going on the potty, but if we don’t see him go in there, then it ends up in his diaper. We ask him where we go poopy and he always points towards the bathroom.

This morning, I walked in to get him and I could smell poop. But he had no diaper on. I looked around to see where the poop was smeared. I found a very full and poopy diaper thrown on the floor by his bed with his pajama pants and blanket. As I’m cleaning up that mess, Orin stands up and starts peeing in his bed, on the floor, and down his leg. We had a wonderful start to our morning today!

Each day is something different with the potty, and it totally depends on if he poops during his nighttime or during his naps. He is definitely making great progress, and I never expected he would be this far along at this age.

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