Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Number 2 Update

March 2 (23 Weeks)- Had an appointment for baby. Heartbeat was 147 and I had gained 6 total pounds at this point. I've been craving lots of fresh fruits- pineapple (I ate a whole one myself only sharing a few pieces with Orin), grapes, and strawberries.

March 12 (24 Weeks)- I experienced terrible sciatic nerve pain to the point where I could barely walk and couldn't lift Orin. I had to lay around icing my back quite a bit.

March 19 (25 Weeks)- Ryan and I went away for the weekend to go to a Sugarland concert and to celebrate our anniversary early since we won't be going much of any place on July 14th- or at least not alone! Baby is moving a lot! On the way home from our getaway, we think we finalized our baby's name. We have a boy and a girl name picked out. Sometimes it's tempting to find out what this little one is so the naming process would be a little easier. But for now, we are leaving the gender a surprise! We only have 15 weeks left!!

March 30 (27 Weeks)- Today was the dreaded glucose test. And then off to see the doctor. I passed the glucose test, but was low on iron. Now I need to take an iron supplement. Baby's heartbeat was 140. And I am up to gaining 14 pounds.

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