Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Number 2 Update

April 20 (30 Weeks)- Baby's heartbeat was 141 at this appointment.

April 22 (30 Weeks)- We had an ultrasound at my mom's work. We wanted to check on the cyst. As far as the tech could see, the cyst was gone. She couldn't get a very clear and accurate picture because baby was so far down already. That explains all the pressure I've been feeling! We debated about finding out the gender, but in the end we both decided to wait and be surprised.

Beginning of May- I've experienced a ton of pressure- especially in my right leg/groin area. Sometimes I can hardly walk or move around. Baby moves a lot- much more than Orin ever did!

May 11 (33 weeks)- Baby's heartbeat was 140. Doctor said all looked and sounded good. We asked to cancel our 36 week ultrasound to check on the cyst. There's no guarantee they could see anything because of baby's low position, and we really didn't want to pay for it when there's nothing they can really do even if it is still there.

May 12 (33 weeks)- It's getting harder and harder to walk and move around with this pressure. Some days are better than others. We still love the two names we have picked out and can't wait to see who it is joining our family.

May 25 (35 weeks)- The groin pain/pressure is gone for now and has been for about a week. Doctor's appointment today went well. I got tested for group B Strep. Results will be back for my next appointment. Heartbeat was 138. Doctor also checked my cervix. I'm dilated to 1 cm, which is where I was with Orin at this time in my pregnancy with him. Baby's head is down and low. Orin always says it's a baby sister in Mommy's tummy. We shall see in just a few weeks!

June 9 (37 weeks)- Doctor did not check my cervix this week. Head is still down and centered. Heartbeat was 132. My group B Strep test came back positive, so I'll need to have an IV antibiotic for about 4 hours before baby is born. We discussed my labor with Orin and that I only was at the hospital in labor for about 3 hours. She said short labors would be better for baby so they have a limited amount of exposure to the bacteria. She said not to worry if we don't get two doses of antibiotics within 4 hours.

June 15 (38 weeks)- Doctor checked my cervix- I'm dilated to 2 cm and very thinned out. Baby's head is very low. I can definately feel that baby has dropped since last week. Heartbeat was 133. Only 2 weeks left!

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Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I had some of the same things - the groin pain/tightness in my leg. And I also worried about the Strep B since I had a fast labor with Adam, too, but my test was neg. anyway. Wanted to let you know that the dr. told me the same thing, wasn't a problem if it was a fast delivery.

I hope everything goes smoothly for you!!! You look great!