Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kiptyn- Newborn Life

My baby boy has been such a great baby so far! He is the best newborn sleeper. The first two nights home, he was up every 3 hours to eat (10:00 pm, 1:00 am, 4:00 am, and 7:00 am). Ever since those two nights, he has gone to bed after his 10:00 pm feeding, waking once around 3 or 4 and then not again until I wake him to start his day at 7:30 am. Amazing! I really didn’t think it would be this great from the beginning.

Orin was a terrible eater. He fought each and every bottle only wanting to take 1 to 2 ounces at a time. Kiptyn loves to eat! He downs 3 ounces every 3 hours. He has a tendency to gulp it down too quickly and about one feeding a day, he will spit up. We struggle to get him to burp, but we try to burp him every ounce to try and avoid the spit up.

He’s been very tired and will sleep most of the time between feedings. Kiptyn is a very content baby. He lies around and sleeps or eats all day. He doesn’t have a fussy time of day, yet.

Most of the time, Orin will play without paying any attention to his brother. Every once in awhile, he’ll want to hug and kiss on Kiptyn, but for the most part he ignores him.

So far the grandmas have been here to help us during this transition. I’d have to say that things have gone very well adjusting to 2 kiddos. The biggest challenge has been watching the clock and getting used to a stricter schedule again. It’s hard to be back on a newborn/baby feeding schedule again and still finding time to take Orin outside and to entertain him.

Orin has been extra crazy and whiny since both grandmas have been here. He’s really testing us to see how much he can get away with, especially because he knows grandma won’t spank. It’s almost like he has to be silly and entertain the grandmas.

Orin has continued to do wonderfully with his pottying! He has been poop trained for several months. As far as pee trained, I joked that it would be awesome to have him potty trained before the baby arrives. We worked on the peeing in the potty and wearing underwear awhile back in spring, but I think with subbing and not consistently being home and working on it made us struggle and hold off for a while. I decided to wait until June. Beginning of June hit and we decided to try full days in underwear (minus naps and bedtime). He did wonderfully as long as I took him every hour. Rarely would he tell us he had to go, unless it was poopy. Then he would yell, “More poopy!” and take off running to the potty. During our friend vacation, mom continued to potty train him. And he’s just been doing great ever since. I still send him to the potty and have to watch the clock to make sure it hasn’t been too long. It’s an equal balance of me sending him and him remembering to go on his own. I’m so proud of him and I love not changing diapers on my toddler, especially now that I have a newborn to change every few hours!

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Corinne Doughan said...

I'm so jealous about the potty training. Micah really has not interest. He goes and hides when he poops in his diaper. I refuse to fight with him on it and am praying that he will just decide we wants to poop in the potty one of these days int he very near future. Again ... jealous!