Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sorry for the delay in our blog writing. It seems we have been extremely busy lately.

This past weekend, Ryan went to OC to help watch the kiddos while Kim and I spent the weekend shopping in Des Moines. We had a lot of fun finding good deals! I did some Christmas shopping, and I got some new maternity clothes that actually fit. As soon as I got home and walked in the door, Ryan said, "I'm not ready to have a 2 year old and a 10 month old." :) I think the guys were a little exhausted by the end of the babysitting weekend!

Ryan and I are really looking forward to spending time at home this weekend. Plans are to clean and organize the garage. And do report cards!


Corinne Doughan said...

Just wait Katie ... the maternity clothes you bought this weekend won't fit eventually either ... I have NO shirts that fit my big 39 week belly right now!! But I'm not about to go out and buy more b/c this baby could come any day now!!

Kim Doughan said...

I giggled to myself as I read your latest post. It's so funny that the boys had such a hard weekend b/c the kids didn't sleep, everyday since I have been home, they've slept like 3hr naps and had great nights sleep. They must have just missed their mommy!! So funny! Adam owes you big time, Ryan.