Sunday, November 2, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well, Katie usually does all the posting , so I guess the blogging has fallen to me tonight. It was a busy weekend; Katie and I went to Ames on Friday to her mom's work, where we had another ultrasound done just for fun. The tech there was able to tape the whole thing for us, which is fun to go back and watch. The little bugger was laying in a way that it was impossible to say if it was a him or a her, which is fine because we don't really want to know anyway. On the plus side we found out that our baby has long legs and big feet. I'm not sure exactly how you can tell that on a 1lb 5oz child, but it is what she said none the less. My child is probably going to tower over me by age thirteen :) Oh well, that is the way it works.

Katie and I also had the chance to do some Christmas shopping and hang out with Katie's family, which was pretty sweet. We went to Hickory Park, a restaurant I highly recommend, mmm mmm good, but if you're going, plan to get there early and wait for a little while before getting a table - apparently some other people think it is mmm mmm quality as well.

We have another crazy week ahead of us. We have the lazy boy chair we ordered two months ago finally arriving sometime on Tuesday afternoon, so I will have to get home to receive it. Also on Tuesday Katie and I have our doctor's visit (to be honest they seem a bit more concerned with Katie at the appointments then me for some reason), after which Katie and I will have to hurry back to Humboldt so we can vote, and I can get home in time to have a Butlers Meeting. On Wednesday night we start our birthing classes, hip hip hurray for two hours every Wednesday in November. With the Monthly Meeting at Butlers just around the corner, I will spend a lot of this week trying to get ready for that as well. Katie also has Iowa Test of Basic Skills this week, which adds a certain amount of stress to life, and I finally get to pick up my book and begin the second draft. I put it away almost four weeks ago in order to build some distance between its plot and my mind. This way I will have a more appraising eye when I read back through. Exciting stuff! It is going to be a crazy week with about a dozen other big things to do, but God is ever faithful, and that is about as cool as it gets. Anyway this blog is way long enough. Sorry for the extra words. I'm done now, blessings.


Anonymous said...

Mmm; I miss Hickory Park! But most of all, I just miss you guys. Lots.
Love you both, and maybe even the baby--

Corinne Doughan said...

I'm so glad you guys have this blog ... it's such a great way to keep up with what's going on in your lives!!! What birthing class are you guys taking?