Monday, April 6, 2009

5 Weeks

We have had crazy weekends in this household and the chaos continues until the end of April. Hopefully then life will slow down a little. Except I’m not sure that ever happens once you have a child. This weekend, Orin and I went home for my sister’s junior prom on Saturday and a bridal shower for my cousin's bride on Sunday.


Week 5 update: Ryan and I were very flustered at the beginning of week 5. Orin was still only waking up once in the night, but he was waking up a few hours earlier at around 1:00am. And then he was up and ready for the day by 7:00. Thankfully, that only lasted for two or three days. Since then, he has been sleeping over 8 hours! We put him down at 9:00pm and he sleeps until around 5:15am. We weren’t really expecting him to hit this milestone so early at 5 ½ weeks, but we won’t complain!

Orin started to smile "real" smiles this past week. I finally caught some on camera. He is also starting to coo and “talk” to us. He's so much fun! I love my little man!

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