Tuesday, September 1, 2009

6 Month Doctor's Appointment

Today, Orin had his 6 month well baby doctor’s appointment. We switched to a new doctor this time around. We all really liked her, and it feels good to finally have a family doctor for Orin and me to see.

His 6 month stats:
Height- 28 inches (90%)
Weight- 17 lb. 8 oz. (70%)
Head Circumference- 42 or 43 cm (can’t remember!)

When the doctor walked in, she said, “Wow, he’s a big boy. He looks a lot older than 6 months. I bet you hear that a lot.” Haha!

I brought up the concerns I had with his eating habits, or his lack of eating. She wasn’t too worried. She thought I was doing a great job trying all the different tricks and to just keep doing what I’m doing. I guess that wasn’t what I wanted to hear, and I dread performing all the tricks for 6 more months. But I guess that’s what we will do. She said he’s growing and thriving so she wasn’t too concerned. She did say not to give him water or juice (which I haven’t been) so that he doesn’t fill up on that. She said we could add that in later (around 9 months) if we wanted to just for fun since it has little nutritional value anyways. This is also when we could start doing puffs if we wanted. I asked her about baby food and cereal and whether or not we should cut back on all of that to ensure that he is taking all of his bottles. She recommended that we should, and that introducing baby food/cereal is really for getting them ready for the different textures and not really for the nutrients. The main thing is to keep his belly full with formula right now. I still plan to do one feeding of cereal in the mornings. And I may even sneak in one feeding of baby food (1 cube) around lunchtime as well. We’ll see how all this goes.

I also informed her of his cold. He had a fever earlier last week as well as a bad cough, sneezes, congested nose, etc. It seems that his cough and wheezing is getting worse. She checked him over and said his ears and throat look good. And he didn’t have a fever, so he was all set for his shots!

He got his three shots and the oral Roto Virus vaccine. He did so well with very little crying. This was actually the first time I got a little emotional. Maybe it was because I was holding down his little hands while he was suddenly surprised by three pokes in the legs. That is always so hard to be a part of and watch as a mom. But it was quickly over as I scooped him up with his pacifier in hand. The nurses thought he recovered very quickly, which I thought he did too. Now he gets a little break from shots until he turns a year old.

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, getting supper ready in the Crockpot, dropping off two paid bills, getting an eyebrow wax, contacting the middle school for subbing, making avocado baby food, completing the rest of the vacation blog entries, and lots of sleeping for the little guy. We had a busy and crazy day. Hopefully tomorrow Orin can get back to a normal schedule of sleeping and eating once the effect of his shots wears off.

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