Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th

We were tempted to go to my hometown's celebration for the 4th of July, but when we realized that traveling for that weekend would mean that we would be traveling every weekend in July, we decided to celebrate at home.

I'm so glad we did, because we ended up spending a very relaxing few days at home just as the three of us. Saturday, we packed up and went shopping for a few things and to enjoy a lunch out at Red Robin. It was Ryan's first time, and I think he plans to go back sometime. We also went to Old Navy and picked up flip flops for $1. All three of us got new flip flops to wear!

Sunday, we went to church in our red, white, and blue. I couldn't resist when I realized that it was possible for us all to coordinate. I couldn't figure out the timer on my old camera (my good camera is getting repaired), so we had to skip the family picture. This is what we got:

And Monday, we went to fireworks. It was Orin's first time seeing fireworks, and we weren't sure what he would think about them. We hoped he wouldn't get scared with the booms. He loved them! He would point at the sky each time he saw a new firework light up. The poor kid was so confused on why he was getting drug out of bed at 9:30. He held tight to his blanket and pacifier the whole time we were gone. And he conked out as soon as we got out of the parking lot to come home. He was one tired boy!

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Elder Family said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Did OC have fireworks?