Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th at the Cabin

We had a great weekend away at the cabin. Ryan’s parents went Wednesday and we came Thursday afternoon.

Larry broke his foot Thursday morning. He battled the boat lift and the boatlift won. So that was a bummer for his vacation, but I think he did enjoy the relaxation and the time with some of his grandkids.

Friday and Saturday were gloomy days. No sunshine and not warm enough to get Orin into his swimming pool. So we did a lot of sitting around, munching on all the food, playing cards, and holding the babies. Ryan and Adam did enjoy the jet skis several times those two days. They spent a lot of time racing the jet skis and playing around in the water with a game of basketball.

Although it wasn’t as nice as we wanted it to be, it was still great to get away for a few days and to see everyone for the holiday weekend!

The boys and the Jet Skis


Papa and Orin- He loves his Papa! I captured lots of video of Orin laughing and talking to Papa

Grandma and Orin- He was so cuddly and smiley all weekend.

Great Grandma and Orin

Mama and Orin

Cousin Lilly and Orin

Lilly was so tired that she fell asleep outside by the fire.

We celebrated all the cousins' birthdays. Orin got to blow out his one candle.

Orin took a bath in the sink.

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