Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 Months

Our baby boy is 5 Months today! I can hardly believe it! When I look at him now, I no longer see the small newborn/infant. Instead, I see him developing into a little boy who has a strong personality, a sweet, sweet smile, and a demanding will.

This is what you are up to these days:

•You are so close to rolling over, but you haven’t quite figured it out yet. You’ve only done it twice accidently.

•You love your jumperoo more and more each day!

•You are talking and cooing a lot now. We are working on getting you to say sounds like da, ma, ba, and pa.

•You’ve discovered your tongue. You use it to play with your bottle nipple, and I think you like how it feels on your gums as you chew on it.

•You are so much better at grabbing and holding on to your toys.

•You really pay attention to the books that we read. You sit on Mama’s lap and just stare at the book as Mama reads.

•You now eat 6 ounces every four hours. You were doing so well not fighting the bottle. Today, you decided to test Mama and her patience. I hope it was only a one day battle.

•You take three naps a day. Usually the first two are two hours long. The last one used to be a catnap, but now you are usually tired around 6:00pm and you will sleep until we wake you at 8:30.

•You still sleep 12 hours all through the night.

•You don’t care too much for your tummy time

•You have a hard time laying still while drinking your bottle. You like to look around, buck your back (when you are putting up a fight), and push the bottle around with your tongue.

•You smile and laugh a lot! Anytime anyone looks at you, you have a great big smile waiting for them.

•Daddy can get you to laugh instantly, more than anyone else. You love when Daddy comes home, and you meet him with huge smiles and laughs.

•You are so content and happy, yet so strong willed! You are such a happy baby, unless you aren’t getting what you want!

•When you are mad sitting in the bumbo seat, you get very close to bucking yourself out of it.

•The TV mesmerizes you. I only have it on when I clip your nails and toenails so you don’t move a muscle.

•You weigh around 16 pounds.

•You wear size 2 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. You can still fit into some 3-6 month shirts/onesies, but the 3-6 month pants are way too short for you.

•You are less dependent on your pacifier. You still prefer to have it while you sleep, but if it falls out before you are asleep, you can sometimes talk yourself to sleep. You only get the pacifier in your bed or in the car, usually only when it is time to sleep.

•You usually wake up very happy and talkative, and you wait so patiently for Mama to come get you in the mornings.

•Around 4.5 months, you started facing out in the stroller. You love to look around as we walk.

•You love to sit on our laps/knees as we bounce you. You really like the game we play with “Humpty Dumpty.”

•You crinkle your nose when you smile.

•You chew, chew, and chew on your fingers, but you still have no teeth.

•You are getting much better with eating your cereal. As long as it isn’t too thick, you gobble it down.

•You constantly bring smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts. We love you very, very much!

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Corinne Doughan said...

It's interesting how our kids are the same in some ways (Micah has that strong will right now too) and how they are different (Micah grows out of his shirts first and can wear his pants for a long time). You are doing such a great job Katie! Give Orin a kiss from us! We love you all!