Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Anniversary

We are finally home!! After being away for more than a week, it feels good to be home in a somewhat normal routine again.

A recap of this past weekend:

Friday, we left Ryan’s parent’s house to go to my follow-up doctor’s appointment after my colonoscopy a week ago. According to the doctor, everything looked good. There was mild to moderate inflammation in the bottom16 cm of my colon. We think that the inflammation has doubled since my last colonoscopy three years ago.

However, my new doctor had no idea or any knowledge of my past medical records which I transferred to him, so I will be requesting a copy of them soon. He has modified my treatment regimen, so I hope we can get this under control.

We left the doctor’s and travelled to my parent’s house in order to celebrate our anniversary. Friday night, we all went out to eat at Ryan’s favorite restaurant. He can’t seem to be in that part of the state without requesting we eat at Hickory Park. My parents, siblings, and grandparents all met us there to eat. They hadn’t seen Orin for about a month, so they were thrilled that we made an extra, out of the way, trip to come see them.

Saturday morning, I went to Sam’s Club to buy groceries for our big family vacation coming up in August. I also spent $100 on two big boxes of diapers and one big box of wipes. After our shopping trip, Ryan picked me up and we went on our date to see Harry Potter. We went to the first showing of the day, which ended up saving us $6. And we brought treats in so we didn’t have to buy crazy expensive candy at the theater. I guess I’m rather stingy when it comes to things like that!

After the movie, we spent several hours shopping. Ryan surprised me with a trip to the photography store, because he wanted to buy the camera I have been saving for for many months. However, they were sold out!! Canon also took the $300 instant rebate off and I am not willing to pay that extra money. So I will have to wait a little longer. I really hope to get it before our vacation, but we will see.

Ryan and I had such a great anniversary weekend together. We didn’t do anything extremely exciting or extravagant, but we had so much fun together. It was so nice to just be the two of us hanging out all day without other things or people to distract us. I’m so glad my parents were willing to babysit so that we could take the whole day to enjoy together.

Orin is doing awesome on his new schedule!! It makes it so much easier to travel with him now. That one hour makes such a difference! We could make it home from my parent’s house today without stopping once. And he is drinking all 6 ounces for each of the four feedings without putting up a fight. Sadly, we have packed away the small bottles and have moved on to the 8 ounce bottles.

We are home, and I’m actually quite glad to be back to reality once again!

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