Friday, August 28, 2009


Thank you to all of you who have spoken words of encouragement and who have prayed about Orin’s feeding situation. We have had two great days in a row! Today, he also took all of his bottles and only left a little bit of cereal and carrots behind. I just keep learning more and more tricks. It seems that they change daily. What works now probably won’t work tomorrow. But for today, he took 3-4 ounces in my arms as I rocked him, sang silly songs, made funny faces and dangled toys in front of his face and hands. Then the fighting began, so I burped him. After that, I laid him on his play mat where he could reach the toys and look at all kinds of things above his head. He did really well with the process. And it’s quite the process let me tell you! But we are doing better. It really couldn’t have gotten any worse, so we are gaining ground!


I’ve gotten into a scrapbooking frenzy the last few days. Cleaning the office was on my list to do this week, and once it was cleaned and organized, I could actually get to all my scrapbooking stuff. So the office is once again a disaster area, but I see it as an organized mess complete with paper, scraps, cricut cartridges, albums, buttons, flowers, ribbon, etc. You get the idea. And I have completely finished one of Orin’s books. Titles and journaling are even done! I am completely done with February through June. Only about two months behind.


Here are a few pictures of the munchkin from today. He’s getting so strong on those little arms! And he’s losing that baby look. I see more of the pre-toddler look in him now. My baby is growing way too fast!

Time for a little rest!

Okay Mom, I'm done being on my tummy!

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Corinne Doughan said...

um yea ... STILL haven't even started Micah's scrapbook!!! AHHH! I've decided I'd do better if I had a place where I could keep my scrapbook stuff out. (sigh) Maybe I'll get to it by his first birthday? :)