Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vacation Part 1- Camping

Welcome to Vacation post #1.

First of all, Ryan took Orin and I down to my parent’s house so that we could go on vacation with my mom, brother, and grandparents. Ryan and my dad had to finish up work projects and my sister had volleyball camp.

Tuesday night, the night we left, everyone was at our house packing the truck and trailer for vacation. While everyone was outside, I had come inside to feed Orin. I laid him down on the couch and walked 10 feet to the kitchen counter to get the bottle I had already prepared for his 8:30pm feeding. All of a sudden I heard a loud thud (which I thought was the trailer door shutting after it had been packed of vacation stuff) and then a wailing cry. Needless to say, it wasn’t the trailer door, but instead my poor child face first into the carpet. I felt terrible, everyone made me feel even worse, but he was fine after lots of cuddling. He took his bottle fine and went straight to bed. Every child has some kind of traumatic experience, so I guess I’m just glad we made it to almost 6 months before Orin’s happened!

We left early Wednesday morning at 1:00am and arrived at 8:30am for breakfast at Jimmy’s. They get our business one day a year. Orin did great traveling! He slept most of the way. He was awake from 1:00-1:30am after we woke him up to put him in his carseat, but he never made a peep. Then we stopped at 5:00am for gas and a stretching break, and he thought it was time to wake up and talk. At 6:00am, he was out like a light until we stopped for breakfast at 8:30 and he was able to have his morning bottle.

We had all three tents up and ready by 11:00. Baby boy and I had our own tent where I had a single air mattress and he had his pack n’ play.

We were packed in like sardines. At the head of his bed was his small suitcase and at the food of his bed was the garbage bag for dirty clothes. I kept the rest of our stuff confined to the back of Grandpa’s truck so that I could keep track of it. I’m a bit anal about staying organized and knowing where everything is. Maybe a little too much for the camping life!

The mister had a terrible time drinking his bottles! He’s been fighting all of his bottles again. I think he only drank around 15 ounces on Thursday. Thursday night, he refused to even look at the bottle. He wouldn’t even let it get close to his mouth. He got so mad that he was kicking his feet and bucking his back. I ended up giving him 2 ounces in some oatmeal cereal just so he wouldn’t go to bed on an empty stomach. I was so frustrated and not sure what to do. I was eventually persuaded to try Similac to see if the formula was the problem. So Friday and Saturday was spent trying the Similac and that didn’t make a difference. We found that he refused both kinds of formula equally, and that the only way for him to drink milk was to mix it in his oatmeal. So he ended up getting oatmeal cereal three times a day: after his 8:30am bottle, 4:30pm bottle, and 8:30pm bottle.

Weather was kind of cruddy for most of our camping time. It was very cloudy, windy, and chilly. On Friday afternoon and evening, it down poured rain. Our tents were flooded and most of our stuff was too wet to use that night. One of our cabins we rented for the next week was available, so we were able to sleep there Friday night. It seemed like the Marriot. We had a clean bathroom, shower and two double beds.

During our camping adventure, Orin spent most of his time jumping in his jumperoo, being held, or strolling around the resort and lodge. I’m so glad we had room to bring that jumperoo.

I think he could stay in that thing all day and never wear out. He loves to jump!! It was too cold to get him out in the boat or to take him swimming in the pool or lake during our camping days. Instead, we kept him around the campground bundled up in all his layers.

He did remarkably well sleeping in the tent. I could hardly believe how well he adjusted to camping life. I put him in his sleep sack and laid him in his bed. He went to sleep within 5 minutes and slept the full two hours for all his naps. We didn’t hear a peep out of him. Same thing happened for his night sleep. He slept through all kinds of noise around him. I was so thankful that he slept so well since he wasn’t eating like he should have been.

Overall, we had a great time camping. It went extremely well considering I was single parenting it with a 5 month old baby. I did have lots of help from my mom and grandma. They did many bottle feedings, cereal feedings, diaper changes, and cuddling sessions. All the extra help made Orin’s first camping trip quite the fun experience. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

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