Sunday, November 8, 2009

Curiosity Kills the Cat

How do you punish a kid who is now responsible for his own motion, but can’t understand “No, No!?” It’s not a willful disobedience. It’s rather a continued naïveté. He continuously goes back to what we tell him “no, no” to. He keeps trying to pull the medal candle pumpkin tree on top of him, and it is with good reason that we tell him “no no”. He has pulled it over twice now and luckily escaped injury. It’s not willful disobedience, it’s more of a curiosity thing. How do we deal with that? Do we simply just keep redirecting him away from those harmful things?

Obviously, we don’t feel comfortable spanking an eight month old. He doesn’t have the intellect or capacity to understand what we are saying or why we are not allowing him to play with harmful things. At this point, he doesn’t have to necessarily understand why we are telling him “no, no”. However, he does need to learn that “no, no” means don’t do that and to choose to be obedient.

Or maybe mom should just baby proof the house.

But in all seriousness, I would love to hear feedback on how this was handled and taught in your household or any advice you may have to us as first time parents.


jonikaypine said...

Don't be fooled by your little courious monkey...he knows what he is doing:) We started time-outs with both our kids right about the age of 1. We give one warning..." may not touch the TV for example...this is your last warning." If he touches it, he goes into 1 minute time-out. The biggest thing is following through with the discipline...if you say he will get time out or it taken away, sure to do it. They are so persistent and will always look for a way to push you. It is our sin nature:) My kids are not perfect, but you will be glad to have a 'recipe' you both agree with in your discipline. This is what works for us...e-mail me if you want to talk more about it:)

DWin said...

Visiting from Bless Our Nest...
At 8 months, he knows what he wants to do. I have used the book "To Train Up A Child" by Mike and Debbie Pearl to help me train my children. Basically, you start training your child early so there will be less need for discipline later. For example: my 10 month old son likes to eat dog food and play in dog water. Yuk! So, when he sticks his hand in the dog food, I thump his hand and say No in a firm voice. Unfortunately, it takes him a few times before he finally obeys. Even a baby can rebel. :) That is how I trained my daughter and we very rarely have to discipline her because she knows No means No. Buy that book and see what you think.