Monday, November 16, 2009

Trip to the Chiropractor

Today, I took Orin to his first chiropractic appointment. I have never been to one myself, and it was a little unnerving and uncomfortable for me. But I’m glad I took him.

First, the doctor had Orin lay tummy to tummy with me while I laid on the couch on my back. He used a tool and rubbed up and down Orin’s spine while feeling for anything that was out of place. He pushed and prodded three or four spots back into place.

Next, I got up and laid Orin on the couch on his back. The doctor felt around in his neck. He said that a lot of times, the neck area can be out of place which causes ear problems. (He is currently battling his second ear infection of the year.) As he felt around, he said his left vertebrae was out and he popped that back into place. It hurt Orin and he cried, but he was quick to get over that.
We will see the doctor again in a week to check for progress and make sure that everything is well adjusted. I haven’t noticed any extraordinary results yet and I’m really not sure that I will. I just felt the need to cover all my bases.

I’m hearing from a variety of people that 28 ounces is a lot to feed a 9 month old. I guess I have been basing this number first off of what the doctors have said about him getting an average of 24-32 ounces a day. I have also paid attention to what other babies similar in age are eating. And it always seems like Orin can’t keep up.

I’ve heard from a few moms that their babies around this age are drinking 20-25 ounces a day. After hearing this, I have considered offering him 4 six ounce bottles a day instead of 4 seven ounce bottles. Switching from 28 ounces offered to only 24 ounces offered. However, I really don’t think that will end the battle. He doesn’t fight it after 4 or 5 ounces. The battle begins after only drinking one or two ounces. And this happens even when he may have only taken 2 or 3 ounces during the previous feeding. It is bizarre.

Now that he has an ear infection (I took him in Friday morning before leaving town for the weekend.), I have been much less pushy on trying to get him to eat. Some feedings he only has 2 ounces and some he has all 7. I realize that he is probably more or less hungry at different times of the day just like we all are.

Today, he had 5 ounces, 5 ounces, 7 ounces, and 5 ounces. Obviously that falls into the 20-25 ounce range. I would say that is pretty darn good considering his cold and ear infection. And it sounds like I should be very pleased and happy that he is drinking that much. I guess I am trying to follow the advice I have been given and make sure that he falls somewhere in that range each day while continuing to offer him baby food three times a day.

I still plan on getting answers from my pediatrician on next Tuesday to see what she has to say about all of this. I know she is a firm believer that all his needed nutrients are found in the formula so make sure he is drinking the recommended amount before offering solids. But we’ll wait and see what her “magical” number is and if she has any suggestions.

Thank to all who have been of help and offering advice. I really appreciate that so many are trying to figure this out right along side of me.


Nate, Leah and Faith said...

Hi Katie! Faith had so many ear infections last year. It was no fun at all. We ended up getting tubes for her (not that you're there yet :) ). But, I was just going to share with you that she also did not eat alot when she was sick. Our pediatrician said this is perfectly normal...and that the sucking motion tends to irritate their ears even more when they are infected. Just thought I'd share :) Sounds like you are doing a GREAT job!

Elder Family said...

Hey Katie, I know we don't know each other all that well but I feel like I should reassure you that you are doing a great job as a mom and Orin seems to be a healthy, happy little guy. Please don't stress yourself out by comparing Orin to others, each child is different and unique. You ped. will let you know but if you are offering him food and he is happy (besides fighting an ear infection) don't beat yourself up children go through spurts with food, energy, everything. You have great instincts as a mother and you have a great family supprt! Keep it up, I love seeing pictures of your little guy and keeping up with the whole Doughan crew.