Friday, January 22, 2010

Bath Time Fun

For Orin's bath last night, we did things a little differently. Usually I undress him while the water is running and then just throw him in the bath. But last night, Ryan and I let Orin play around a little bit before actually getting him in the tub. We needed to kill some time before bedtime, and a bath is always the best way to distract Orin and keep him busy for a while.

Here's our little curious monkey checking it all out.

Yes, he's holding on to the toilet which makes this germaphobe cringe, but he's about to get clean in the bath. And he was looking up at his daddy so happy and proud of himself.

A little naked fun. This didn't last long because someone (daddy) was afraid of a little mess. :)

He thought he was so cool when he stood up in the tub. Daddy sat him back down immediately...after Mama took the picture, of course.

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DWin said...

Bath time is always such fun!