Friday, January 8, 2010

First Tooth

Orin finally popped his first tooth! We first noticed his swollen gum and the white tooth underneath his gum on December 31st at my parents' house. But last night, when the little mooch was begging for pizza, I felt the rough sharp tooth poking through. So finally, after more than 10 months, Little Man has a tooth!


Corinne Doughan said...

YAY! I have some friends here whose kids are close to the 18 month mark and still only have two teeth. It always fascinates me how each child is so different ... God is so utterly creative isn't He?!

AKat said...

Way to go, sweet Orin! I love your pearly white. He's actually right on schedule for teeth or so I've read. How Neil got so many teeth is a sisters and I were all REALLY late teethers and Philip was, too. Goes to show that every baby is perfect in his or her own special way!
Gosh. How are our babies getting so big? They'll be toddlers before we know it. ARGH.