Friday, May 1, 2009

2 Month Doctor's Appointment

Mr. O had his 2 month doctor’s appointment yesterday…which means the dreaded shots! Luckily, Ryan was there to hold him down as he screamed like I’ve never heard him scream before. It’s very hard to watch a stranger inflict pain on your child. But it’s over with until 4 months.

His stats from the doctor: He weighs 12 lb 7 oz, and he is 24 inches long.
He was fussy off and on the rest of the day, so I gave him two doses of Tylenol throughout the day. That seemed to do the trick. He seems to be back to his normal, content self today.

I need to update where we are at with his routine lately. He has been taking 4 ounces for his 3 daytime feedings and 5 ounces for his two 8:30 feedings. This allows him to eat a little more right before bed and to eat more once he has slept all night. Which he is doing now!!! Well he has done it three nights in a row, so I’m hoping that it will continue. The last 3 nights he has slept from 9:00p-7:30a. We still leave him in the crib until 8:30. He loves to suck on his pacifier and look at his mobile. Those two things keep him pretty occupied until it is time to eat. Our hope is that he will eventually sleep from 9:00p-8:30a. He’s doing so well in the sleep department! Now mom needs to take some sleeping lessons.

After the weekend scrapbooking extravaganza, I have been so motivated to get Orin’s scrapbook caught up. I have been staying up really late (like the wee hours of the morning) in order to make a dent in my huge stack of pictures waiting to be scrapbooked. I am just finishing up the Easter pictures, so I’m only about 3 weeks behind!!! However, I have grown out of his scrapbook after only documenting two months of his life. I don’t scrapbook every picture as evidenced by the 3 inch pile of unused pictures. But nevertheless, I need to slow down in the picture taking department, because at this rate, he will have 6 baby albums and that isn’t going to happen!

I go back to work Monday, so I am really trying to soak up these last few days I have home with Orin. Ryan will be home with him the whole month of May, so I’m not worried at all about leaving him. I am, however, worried about how the students will behave, and I’m nervous about stepping back into the routine after 9 weeks of being away. Please pray for an easy adjustment for all of us!


Corinne Doughan said...

I'll be praying for you going back to work.

Also, if you think you are behind on the scrapbooking ... I haven't even started Micah's and he's already 6 months old ... YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Good luck going back to work, Katie. I'll be thinking of you. But trust me, the few weeks your back are going to fly!! And then summer! Woo hoo!!