Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back to School

This was the much-dreaded first week back to school for me. I really was looking forward to seeing my students again, but I wasn’t too excited to leave Orin. It was hard to think about me going to spend the majority of my day with other people’s children while my child was at home (with daddy, of course) waiting for his mommy. As I was driving to work on Monday, I realized that I would only see him awake for 2-3 hours each day. That about put me over the edge, but I held it together. Once I got to school, I was way too busy to even think about missing him. I can’t wait for summer when I can be home with him again!

Ryan spent the last two days (Thursday and Friday) in OC cleaning the rental house. It is now officially ready for us to move in. I’m so thankful for my husband’s willingness to take on that enormous project! He definitely deserves the best husband award for that one!

My mom came to stay with Orin during those two days. I think she really enjoyed spending time with her grandson! She took him on a walk on Thursday, and they swung outside on Friday. They cuddled, read books, sang songs, played with toys, and talked. It’s so much easier going to work knowing that Orin is being cared for by people (Ryan and my mom) who love him very much.

Speaking of Orin…

He is now cooing and talking!! He will coo at anything! He loves to “talk” to us as we carry on a conversation back and forth. But he also coos at his toys, mobile, play mat, or whatever else he is looking at. He loves to see what his mouth and voice can do together. It is so much fun to watch him talk and smile. I love this age. He could stay this little forever!

On Thursday night, I decided to transition him out of the miracle swaddle blanket and into the sleep sacks at nighttime. He can be very squirmy, and he is strong enough to get his arms out of the swaddle. That made me think that in the process of getting his arms out, he could get the blankets pushed up over his head. For that reason, he now sleeps in sleep sacks. He actually did really well. He woke up around 4:00am, and it took three trips in there to give him his pacifier before I realized that wasn’t the problem. His poor little hands were freezing! So Grandma covered his hands with socks, and away he slept until 8:00. Grandma put him in the sleep sacks for his naps on Friday, and he did great falling right to sleep! I think the key is to make sure he is warm enough at night so he stays asleep. Hopefully it only continues to get better from here!

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Corinne Doughan said...

We are STILL putting socks on Micah's hands at night ... I just feel so bad when I don't and he wakes up and his little fingers are like icicles.