Thursday, May 27, 2010

15 Months

Orin turned 15 months and had his 15 month doctor's appointment on the same day. He is learning and changing so much it is hard to keep track of what all he can do these days. He is really taking an interest in animal sounds (cow, duck, puppy, monkey, fish, elephant). He can sign please, more, and all done. He knows where his teeth, nose, hair, and feet/toes are. And he loves to do "so big" and to wink at us with both eyes!

He is a very busy boy and I can hardly keep up with him. He is constantly into something he should be such as the cupboards, the toilet, Daddy's papers on the office desk, Mommy's scrapbooking supplies, or just climping up on the fireplace. He's our little monkey and it is all I can do to keep him contained and entertained with his own toys.

He LOVES to play outside! It doesn't really matter to him if he is swimming, swinging, out back in the garden, on a walk, or playing at the park as long as he is outside.

We are still going strong with cloth diapers. They haven't even fazed him and there have been no leaks during the day or night. We are really pleased with the results and with how much money is being saved each time I put a new cloth diaper on him.

Here are the stats from his appointment:

Height: 32 inches (75%- no growth from his 12 month appointment)
Weight: 24.4 pounds (50%)

He is really starting to show his will and to throw fits when he doesn't get his way. If mom won't give him her cell phone or if dad won't share something that he is eating, or whatever it is that he seems to want at the time and doesn't get, he will definately let you know that he is not very happy.

But we love him so much and can't believe that he is ours. We are so thankful for his little life and can't wait to see what all he learns in the next 3 months before his 18 month old appointment.

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