Monday, May 24, 2010

Cloth Diapering

Today is day 1 for cloth diapers! Everything has gone really well with them so far! No leaks and easy to put on and take off.

During my pregnancy, we had considered cloth diapering with Orin, but we were totally overwhelmed with the number of options available. And at that point, we thought Orin would be in daycare, and we knew that most daycares won't accept cloth diapers. So we quit researching and just stuck with the disposables.

The reason I'm considering switching now is because a sister of a friend from high school uses cloth on her baby boy. Now I had someone to ask about options and what works best for them.

I placed a small order of prefolds and diaper covers to try them out.

And today is day 1. So far, so good! The only big difference (other than the obvious differences) is the bulkiness of the cloth. This may cause problems with his smaller shorts (12 month), but I'm not sure yet as today he is wearing a 24 month outfit.

These diapers don't even seem to faze him. They add a whole new dimension of adorableness if you ask me. :) Oh, and as for the broom, it's his new favorite toy to drag all around the house.

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Kim said...

NO WAY!!!!!!! Thatcher's broom obsession has rubbed off on his cousin. That's so adorable!