Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This past Saturday, we spent most of the day outside planting our garden. We thought we would start small by only doing a few vegetables like tomatoes and green beans. But we ended up planting six things. We really like the "idea" of a garden, but not so much the work it takes to keep it up. So we'll see how it goes. We still need to fence the area before the rabbits come and enjoy all of our hard work.

I made signs for each of our vegetables. Ryan said it looks like we are part of an elementary class growing a garden. Hello! Who used to be a teacher?? I made them to help Orin learn about what we are growing and what all of it will look like. It doesn't matter that he is too young to understand anything about a garden yet. We'll hopefully keep them from year to year to reuse.

Here's what we are growing:

Orin had to check out what was going on and to make sure Daddy was doing it correctly. But really, Orin just wants to be wherever Daddy is. Can you blame him?

Offering Daddy his help with the shovel.

Orin wanted to do some planting too.

Orin helped Daddy water everything once we were done planting. The hose ended up not being able to reach far enough, so they used the watering can instead.

Now lets hope we grow some veggies!

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