Thursday, May 20, 2010


Our town celebrated Tulip Festival recently. A time when the whole town slows down to enjoy authentic Dutch costumes, dancing, parades, carnival rides, and special Dutch treats. We had a crazy weekend with the festival and my brother's graduation, which meant that we had to cram all the fun into two days in order to make it back home for the graduation.

So Orin skipped naps and we made it to two parades, ate carnival food, and enjoyed lots of Dutch treats. Orin got dressed up and took pictures by the tulips and he even got to ride the carousel with his daddy. Orin did remarkably well sitting through the parades in his stroller. As long as we kept snacks handy and my water bottle, he was very content. He even danced when the bands marched by and smiled and laughed at the horses when they came through. It was fun to see his excitement for it all now that he is old enough to get something out of the celebration. Here are some pictures.

Orin and his little friend, Hazel, took pictures together in their costumes.

Orin and Daddy

Hanging out on the big wooden shoe

Family Picture

Orin with his cousins

Orin on the carousel!