Monday, May 31, 2010

New Chair

A month ago, Ryan and I found two free chairs by the side of the road. They were in perfect condition- very sturdy. The look just needed a little updating. And I had a vision for them after reading Remodelaholic about a chair reupolster project.

Friday night, Ryan and I set out to remove all the previous fabric and staples. This took a lot longer than we anticipated. We ended up working on it until midnight. I had to take care of one armrest the next day after we got some sleep. We tried to get out every staple (even from the bottom) and to remove the fabric still in tack just to make it easier to replace with the new fabric. When I do the next chair, I will not take that much time, because the staples on the bottom don't matter. And I did not refabric the chair in the same way so for next time, there will be no need to keep the old fabric in one piece.

I finished up the last armrest on Saturday morning, and then Ry sanded it all down for me. When my parents got here, my mom gave the chair the first coat of black paint. While Ry and I went out for my birthday, mom finished up the last coat of paint and got it ready for the fabric. When Ryan and I were out, we picked up foam, spray adhesive, and fabric.

On Sunday, we spent most of the afternoon stapling all the foam and fabric to the chair. I'm so pleased with how it all turned out! Looks completely different than before! It will be the perfect chair for my photography studio. So excited!

BEFORE (Don't mind the dusty seat- it's been in our garage):



The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Ahhh awesome!

andrea said...

love it! I have the same fabric for my dresses, but I'll be making myself a bag out of it very soon! way to go! it looks great!

Elder Family said...

looks great Katie, I was going to comment on it the other night when we were over - great job!