Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Father's Day

We had such a crazy day, but we were able to celebrate Father's Day with both of our dads. My mom made a special Father's Day breakfast for my dad and Ryan. Orin made his daddy a special card with a handprint and footprint.

Orin gave Ryan the book, Raising a Modern-Day Knight and a game for his new X-Box 360. The book came highly recommended by Ryan's brother. The book teaches about a father's role in raising sons and leading them to become godly men. He's looking forward to reading it.

After breakfast, we traveled north to see Ryan's dad. We wanted to take his parents out to eat, but they insisted on ordering pizza and staying home. Whatever they wanted to do was fine with us. We had pizza, looked at all the flowers, sat outside in the beautiful weather, and Orin took a nap. Then we started our 4 hour drive home. Here's a picture of the three men!

Ryan and I are so blessed to have two great dad's who would do anything in the world for us. And Orin is one lucky boy to have a wonderful dad and two grandpas who love him so much.

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