Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grandpa Orin

So awhile ago, I mentioned that Ryan and I were working on a blog post about Orin’s name and why we chose to name him Orin Dale. As many of you know, he is named after my grandpa, Orin, and Ryan’s grandpa, Dale. We had the post started, but we stopped for fear that it was starting to sound too much like an obituary. So I’m taking a different approach. I want our baby boy to know how we chose his name and how incredible of an honor it is to carry two very special names.

My grandpa, Orin, is a very special man. In fact, he is way too extraordinary to put into words. This post only covers a fraction of the kind of man that he is and will always be in my heart.

Husband- My grandparents have been married for over 50 years. My grandpa provides for and takes care of Grandma. Grandma cooks and cleans for Grandpa. It works for them and they are a living example of a committed and loving marriage.

Dad- Grandpa has three children who look up to him and love him dearly. He talks to his kids at least once a day.

Grandpa- Any of his nine grandchildren would tell you that he is the most caring and loving grandpa anyone could ask for. We always looked forward to seeing him at our sporting events. We also loved going to the slumber parties at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, even though we lived in the same town.

Great-Grandpa- He loves you baby boy more than you will ever know. He felt so honored when he learned of your name. You are a very special boy in his heart!

Family man- Seems like there is always a Sunday meal happening at my grandparent’s house. He loves to have the family over. Nothing makes him happier than his family.

Farmer- He is still farming with his brother. This is his way to provide for him and Grandma. And he still enjoys it and works hard.

Fisherman- He is an avid fisherman. On vacation, he spends most of his time with his grandsons fishing on the lake. It brings him much joy to be with his boys and with the fish!

Strong- Grandpa has huge, strong hands. He is a worker, and he works hard.

Honest- Gramps will tell you what he thinks. Not in so many words, but you can tell what he is thinking and how he feels about something just by the look in his eyes.

Hat collector- He has boxes and boxes of hats. He loves hats. He’s always on the lookout for a new cap. But don’t dare wear them backwards in his presence!

Funny- Just the look on his face gets me laughing. His sound effects when something exciting happens. I could listen to him talk and tell stories forever.

Clever- He’s very smart and witty. Gramps is very intelligent when it comes to math, history, and reading maps.

Social- Even though he is private in some areas of his life, he is still a very social man. Gramps knows a lot of people. He could make friends with anyone.

Listener- He asks you questions, and he truly wants to hear the answer. He wants to know about what is going on in other people’s lives.

Servant hearted- Grandpa is so willing to help other people in need. He serves on a variety of committees in the community and the church. He also selflessly gives of his time and money when it comes to others, especially his kids and grandchildren.

Sly- He always gets a twinkle in his eye if someone says something funny. He may be hard of hearing, but I think he hears more than people think he does.

Grandpa is an amazing man. We praise God that Orin has had the chance to meet him, and we pray that he has many more years to witness and to experience how truly special Grandpa is to all of us.

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