Monday, June 29, 2009


After several hours of playing in one day, I can officially declare that I’m just as addicted to video games as my husband.

Yesterday, Ryan bought the Xbox 360 game that includes over 40 Sega Genesis games. Including Sonic the Hedgehog!!

Remember Sega??

Brings back good memories from childhood doesn’t it??? We got a Sega from Santa one Christmas, and my brother and I were glued to the Sonic games. We still drag out the old Sega Genesis at my parents house about once or twice a year.

So when Ry saw this game, he thought of me and bought it. He knew I would love it!! It even has the same graphics and sound. Amazing!

And after many hours of playing, saving, and carpal tunnel, I can now say that I have beaten Sonic the Hedgehog!! It only took me about 17 years and the save option to do it, but I did it!! And I’m very proud.

Dr. Robotnik is no more!

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bjhegland said...

Hahaha, Kate, I have no idea what any of that means...but you sound really proud of it, so I'm really happy for you :)
Love you guys!!