Wednesday, October 21, 2009

8 Months

Our baby boy is 8 months old today! Here are some of his current tricks:

-He wears 12-18 month clothes.
-He wears size 3 diapers.
-He sits up and is starting to really lunge for toys.
-He rolls everywhere.
-No crawling yet- we have put him up on his hands and knees.
-He's discovered his voice box- saying dada and screaming and roaring.
-He enjoys snuggling with mama before naps.
-He can’t sit still- always on the go.
-He has to be confined in the jumperoo when mama has to shower or be in a different room.
-He loves avocado! It is the only baby food he will open his mouth to eat. However, he has downed a jar of sweet potatoes and carrots in the last two days.
-He drinks 7 ounce bottles 4 times a day.
-We can get all those ounces down him, but it is still a trick and is quite the process.
-We use toys, the play mat, cell phones, whistling, singing, crazy faces, etc. to distract him to eat.
-He gets a mixture of solid food during the day- sometimes breakfast and lunch, sometimes lunch and supper. All depends on how he takes his bottles.
-He loves watching his cousins play and he especially likes when they play with and entertain him!
-Just in the last month was really the official beginning of him wearing shoes and actually keeping them on.
-He enjoys rolling around on the ground and "wrestling" with mama and daddy.
-He is very ticklish!
-Everything makes it into his mouth.
-He has started to find his thumb. Most times, I will find him sucking his thumb while taking a break in the jumperoo. I will admit, it is super cute, but I try to stop him to save him the embarrassment later on in life. (I was a thumb sucker forever, so I know all about the embarrassment of sleepovers!)
-He is in the very early stages of reaching up to the coffee table and trying to pull himself up.
-Mama is getting better at remembering to give him his sippy cup throughout the day.
-We recently took away his 7:00-8:00pm catnap. He was crabby for a few nights, but now he does really well! And we enjoy the extra time we get to spend with him each night.
-He still likes to wake up early from his afternoon nap. Usually he starts to stir between 3:15-4:00. And somedays, he doesn't wake up at all. I haven't figured out how to fix this other than taking away his evening nap.

Mommy and Daddy are trying to take in every minute we have with you. You are growing up so fast, and we don't want to take any of this baby stage for granted. We love you through and through, baby boy! Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, too!

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