Friday, October 2, 2009

We're Back!

So we made it back home. We had a crazy end of the week at my parent's house, but I had a good time! My grandma and I stayed busy canning pears on Monday and Tuesday morning. Some distant family stopped by wanting to know if we wanted any pears from their 3 pear trees, and I had just mentioned that I would love to can pears. So after tackling 2 large boxes of pears, we had 27 pints of pears sitting on the table. I loved it! I always feel so good after making food for my family. And I got to spend that time with my grandma which was thoroughly entertaining and fun! So now we have enough pairs to last us several years probably! :)

Tuesday night, I got to see Molls win her volleyball matches. And then on Wednesday, we headed back home. On my way, I stopped at GCB to say hi to all my old coworkers and students. Oh how I miss them and teaching!! It was so good to see all of them!

I have a "To Do" list a mile long for this weekend. How come my list only seems to grow instead of shrink? I get things done, cross them of, but in the process I think of 3 more things to add that need to get done. Time to be productive! The big things on my list: organize and pack up Orin's summer/6-9 month clothes, get my Stampin Up order turned in, vacuum, and clean the bathroom. We'll see how much I accomplish since I have a 7 month old getting into everything and a husband with a bum hand after visiting the ER yesterday to remove a 4 inch spike that was protruding 3 inches into his hand. Maybe he can be on baby duty??

Here's my little scarecrow himself. As I was putting out fall decorations, I realized we don't have a good place to put these scarecrows outside, so they have been sitting waiting to go back to the basement. Anyways, Ryan thought Little Man looked kind of like the scarecrows in his overalls today and wanted me to take pictures of him with them. More to come on this tomorrow.

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