Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frozen Meals

About two weeks ago, I went big time grocery shopping. I mean like Orin had to stay with a babysitter because I had no room for him in the cart. (And I didn't want him infested with the flu germs going around either.) So I had made a list of a bunch of items that would be needed to make frozen meals and easy crockpot meals. These are all easy meals to make or to freeze. I will add more as time allows. For now, I'm trying to get a few things made each week.

This is what I have made so far:

Lasagna: I doubled the recipe and made two 8x8 and 1 9x13)
12 lasagna noodles
1 lb ground beef, browned
1 jar Prego mushroom/onion spaghetti sauce
24 oz cottage cheese
1 1/2 C. shredded Cheddar Cheese
3 C. shreeded Mozarella Cheese

Brown ground beef and mix with Spaghetti sauce. Spread small amount of sauce on bottom of pans. Layer noodles, sauce, cottage cheese, and shredded cheeses (mixed) three times. Bake 30-40 minutes uncovered at 350°.

Chicken and Rice: I doubled the recipe and made 2 1/2 gallon freezer bags full.

Blend one can cream of chicken soup with 1 can cream of celery soup and 1 can of whole milk in a large bowl. Add 2 cups of cooked, cut up chicken, 3 cups cooked rice, 1/2 cup cubed cheese (I used velveeta), one can of tiny peas (drained). Mix all together, put in 9x13 and bake covered at 350° for about 1 hour. Instead, I put mine in gallon freezer bags to freeze. And if you double the recipe, you would obviously have two 9x13 pans full.

Twice Baked Mashed Potatoes: I doubled the recipe and made 3 8x8 pans.

2 lb. potatoes, cooked and drained. Mash potatoes and add 8 oz. cream cheese, 3/4 C sour cream, 1/4 C butter or Marg. and salt and pepper. Put in buttered pan and bake at 350° for 50 min.

Tator Tot Casserole: I didn't double this recipe. I made two 8x8 pans.

Pat 2 lbs. hamburger (not browned) in a 9x13 pan or two 8x8 pans. Add 2 cans of tiny drained peas. Spread two cans cream of chicken soup over top. Now is when to add cheese if desired. Cover casserole with 1 pound package of tater tots. Bake 1 hour at 350°.

Baked Chicken Breast: I cut up my chicken and placed in two 8x8 pans.
Cut up 4-6 raw chicken breasts. Or you can take 4-6 breast and place in 9x13 pan. Cover chicken with 6 slices of swiss cheese. Mix a can of cream of chicken soup and
a can of water. Pour over cheese. Prepare a box of stovetop chicken stuffing. Spread over all and bake at 350° for 50-60 minutes.

Hot Cocoa Mix:
1 box 8 quart size of instant carnation milk (9 cups)
1 Cup powdered sugar
1 6oz jar of preme or coffee mate (1 1/2 C)
1 lb can of nestles quick

Mix all together. Put 1/4 cup in a serving mug and fill with hot water. I keep mine in the freezer to make it last longer.

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wow! I will definitely be referring back to this post! thanks for the recipes!